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Virtual Reception and Call Answering Services

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Friendly and Professional
Telephone Receptionists:

Our receptionists are highly trained and know how to handle customer inquiries politely and professionally

Coverage for all days
of the year:

We are open every day, including holidays, and offer the best price answering services.

Call center services
for all-day hours:

No matter what time of night it is, we will have someone available

No long-term

You can use our services for as long or as short a time as possible. There are no contracts.

“Our Service is Our Contract”

Don't Let Your Staff Shortage Slow you Down!

ZAYUP provides professional telephone and virtual assistant answering services in the United States. Our experienced and friendly receptionists are available to answer your calls in your absence, making it easy for you to connect with customers. There are no lock-in contracts and there is a wide range of virtual receptionist services and answering services to meet your business needs.

Our Most Utilized Business Service

Pizza & Restaurant Order Taking Services​

Live Call Answering

Our teams have industry-specific expertise, including Limo, fast food, restaurant, medical, legal real estate, business services, and more Our small business experience goes beyond answering the phone so we can step in and buy you the time to take your business to the next level.

Appointment Scheduling​

Zayup’s appointment scheduling service sets the stage for the first sale of your product or service We connect with potential customers early in the sales process, helping them determine their need for a specific product or service and providing information on product features, and ease of use, and pricing. Layup brings you closer to closing a sale by ensuring your reps only interact with educated prospects.    

Virtual Receptionists​

If you love what you do, put your heart and soul into it and bring that passion into your work every day, then you are our client’s child At Zayup, our live virtual receptionists match your company’s personality and professionalism, whether we’re answering calls or supporting your office operations.

Limo Dispatch Services

If you run a limo business, you must always be looking for techniques to contribute to the success of your business. Whether you already run an established limo company or are an aspiring entrepreneur brimming with passion and ideas, we can help you propel your business in the right direction.
Rely on our expert limo answering services.

Each Plan is Tailored to your Business & Team

Don’t let staff shortages slow you down. Our customer service agents working on your account will be trained in your company’s culture and will serve your restaurant 24/7/365 with live phone answering/order-taking services.

How Our Services Will Get

Live Phone Answering Service Works?

You provide us with your customers’ contact information, and we will take care of the rest. We will utilize our live call answering services to answer the phone in your business name, take orders, and forward them via email or text message.

You can also use our order-taking services to make reservations or get feedback from customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our food order-taking services?

We will be happy to answer your

Virtual Reception & Call Answering

The Benefits of Our Services

you sign up
Professional, Polite Telephone Receptionists
24/7/365 Inbound Call Center
No Long-Term Contracts or
Cancellation Fees
Answers Calls in Your Business Name
Can also take Reservations
and get Feedback from Customers

How We Work

Our 3 Easy Working Steps



Customers Call You​

By forwarding your business phone line to the phone number we provide, we’ll know when there an incoming call. You have the flexibility to forward all incoming or unanswered calls to us.



We Answer for You​

If you prefer, our friendly and professional receptionists will answer your business calls 24 hours a day with your business calls 24 hours a day with your preferred greeting. Depending on your plan, we can receive messages, transfer specific calls, answer frequently asked questions, submit leads to your CRM, accept orders, process payments, schedule your appointments, and more.



We Deliver Your Message

Immediately after each call, you will receive a message via email, text message or the way we agreed to process your call with details such as name, phone number, order details or reason for the call.

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