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24/7 Customer Support

  • Front Desk Services
  • Reservations Modifications
  • Cancellations
  • Employess Call Offs

Driver Management

  • Wake-Up calls
  • Driver Status
  • Locate Driver
  • Dispatch

Affilate Management

  • Farm Ins
  • Farm outs
  • Availablity
  • Confirmations

Revenue Genaration

  • Higher Call Captivation
  • New Reservations
  • Quote w/Upselling
  • Inbounds Email Management

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Professional Limousine Answering Service Solutions

Providing Limousine Companies with live Answering Service 24/7

Have you ever missed a call or potential sale because you were too busy to get to the phone? This is where we come in. Let us help you focus more on what you do best. providing transportation. And we can focus on what we know best,answering your telephone calls with the best customer service solutions possible.

Our Staff is the Best in Business for Limousine Answering Service

The Zayup limousine answering service staff consists of professional, well-trained operators who handle every call promptly, courteously and efficiently. All our operators receive comprehensive training so they can address the unique needs of your callers and have access to the latest communication technology.

Instead of just picking up the phone and taking messages, we process calls to ensure your customers receive the high-quality service they deserve.

Our 24/7 Airport Limo Call Center & Limousine Dispatch Service

Zayup offers assortment of standard services that we can customize for you. For example, we can tailor our limousine dispatch answering service so they can help provide prompt pick-up service to your customers. Our 24/7/365 staffing in addition to our Driver Check-in feature ensures reliable call support for limousine services during both business and after hours — your customers can reach a live operator at any time in case they need to make an emergency trip to the airport.

We can also work with you to produce engaging, customized scripts that can change based on the time of day or week to accommodate varying dispatching and after-hours service procedures. And with our user-friendly web portal, you can send immediate messages to on-call drivers or manage message-taking protocols and on-call scheduling tasks more efficiently.

24/7 Answering: Our operators are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can be used as an after hours phone answering service or a business hour dispatch service for your livery service. No matter what time of day those phone calls come in, there will be a friendly representative waiting to listen to and quickly address your clients’ requests.

Email Monitoring: We’ve invested in the bleeding edge of technology to ensure we provide you and your clients the best service. Our system can be set up to check your email account, when a new message is received it’s presented to an agent as if it were a phone call. The agent can then either reply to the email or phone the contact. Because the system checks the email account every 10 seconds your clients be left waiting for a response, or worse, move on to the next livery service in the industry

Scheduling & Dispatch: Interfacing with your online calendar management software enables us to schedule fares on your behalf. Once we have gathered the pertinent information, we will contact your personnel via phone, text, pager, or email, so that each driver can organize their day accordingly. In addition, we can serve as the point of contact for emergencies when regularly scheduled drivers are not able to make pick-ups, and our dispatching procedures can then be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in the on-call rotation.

Super Service: VIP clients expect VIP service. And we deliver.We can arrange wake-up calls for early morning rides, make
outbound calls to drivers close to pick-up time to keep everyone on schedule, and even process payments prior to arrival for your
customers’ convenience.

Beat your Competition.

$750 /M
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  • Answer Calls - Up To 600
  • Make Reservations
  • Drivers Dispatch
  • 5 Days /24 Hours - $750
  • 7 Days /24 Hours - $1000
$1500 /M
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  • Answer Calls - Unlimited
  • Make Reservations
  • Drivers Dispatch
  • Email-Monitoring
  • Wake-Up Calls
  • Driver Scheduling
  • New customer Account Creation
  • Processing Customer Quotes
  • Customer Complaint Handling
  • Driver Complaint Handling
  • Drivers Payroll Services
  • 5 Days /24 Hours - $1500
  • 7 Day /24 Hours - $2050

Too Many Calls and Too Little Time?

Eliminate Hang-Ups and Improve Customer Retention.

  • 24/7/365 service with no extra fees for holidays.
  • Most calls answered in three rings or less – that’s fast!
  • Immediate message notification via text, email, or call transfer.
  • No set-up or programming fees for a “Basic Message” account.
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