Inbound Calls

Customer Service

An inbound customer service facility works best when it provides customers with a single point of contact for all their service questions. Customers ring a single number to order products, make a payment, register a purchase or obtain product information.

Phone Answering Services

Answering service denotes to an essential business service that most businesses are found to make the best use of. Regardless of your business size, an answering service is used to answer the telephone calls and convey business messages to the respective clients.

Technical Support

An inbound call center is a contact center companies use to take large volumes of phone calls from those who are seeking technical support, answers to questions, issue resolution, or any other customer service issues. The calls are answered by customer service agents or call agents, unlike outbound call centers which predominantly focus on making calls. It’s a necessity for nearly every industry.

Order Taking

As an essential solution to all your business needs, you have Zayup offering call center order taking services to meet your diverse requirements. At Zayup, our business goal is to provide quality order taking services through our improved inbound call center service. Our agents are fully focused on offering 100% client satisfaction.

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